Wednesday, 14 April 2010

for Freya- a lullaby

I wrote this the same time as drawing this sketch
when my little girl was new to the world

Just a tiny ripple
on an ocean vast and wide,
Barely even noticed
by the overwhelming tide.
Who knows what far-flung places
this little wave will reach,
Majestic, icy wastelands
or some warm exotic beach.

Just a little flutter,
a gentle summer breeze,
The lightest, freshest whisper
softly stirring in the trees,
brushing past the butterflies
and lifting up their wings
Shimmering on cobwebs
like tiny guitar strings.

Just a ray of sunshine
coaxing flowers into bloom,
subtly and silently
dispelling shady gloom.
Charming us, and teasing out
a smile from every face
Warming all she touches
with her innocent embrace.

She's just my little Princess,
not even two days old.
Like putty in her tiny fist,
my heart is hers to mould.
Already she has conquered me
and brought me to my knees
my ripple on the ocean
my warming summer breeze

daddy 16/7/08


  1. Bloody hell that sends a shiver. Lovely.

  2. what a beautiful poem about your daughter.
    Its a leveller isn't it when you suddenly have someone to love more than yourself,nice one about Fitchy too, creativenis a good word.Anyway as you probably know rambling poetics and nature pics do it for me so ill check your blog again,oh yeah and there are pixies !!!