Wednesday, 14 April 2010

for Freya- a lullaby

I wrote this the same time as drawing this sketch
when my little girl was new to the world

Just a tiny ripple
on an ocean vast and wide,
Barely even noticed
by the overwhelming tide.
Who knows what far-flung places
this little wave will reach,
Majestic, icy wastelands
or some warm exotic beach.

Just a little flutter,
a gentle summer breeze,
The lightest, freshest whisper
softly stirring in the trees,
brushing past the butterflies
and lifting up their wings
Shimmering on cobwebs
like tiny guitar strings.

Just a ray of sunshine
coaxing flowers into bloom,
subtly and silently
dispelling shady gloom.
Charming us, and teasing out
a smile from every face
Warming all she touches
with her innocent embrace.

She's just my little Princess,
not even two days old.
Like putty in her tiny fist,
my heart is hers to mould.
Already she has conquered me
and brought me to my knees
my ripple on the ocean
my warming summer breeze

daddy 16/7/08

Friday, 9 April 2010

There's a spot along the path I sometimes walk that is like no other.
A few yards away is a rustic bench seat, and a wide break in the hedge,offering a delightful view across the river to a lush, flat meadow, fringed with tree-covered hills.
Any passer-by who might happen along this way would more than likely sit here to rest.
But my spot,as I said, is a few yards away from here,
where the roar of the restless river is muffled by the tree line.
The bank on the other side of the track is high and rocky,
festooned with moss and ferns
And the whole scene is overshadowed by the huge bulk of ancient beech and oak trees,
precariously clinging to the precipice.

Now,in spring,
Improbably vivid acidic green shoots force skywards through the musty skeletons of last years leaves
And porcelain white fungi gleam translucent on parchment-dry bark.

In summer
It is a cool oasis of dappled shade,
Where spiralling clusters of lace-winged insects
Swirl in the hazy shafts
of filtered sunshine.

Autumn unfolds
with a trickle of bright, crisp orange and ochre leaves
cascading from the overhanging branches
Casting a golden pallor over the whole stage
Crunching satisfyingly under foot.

When winter descends
A cathedral of towering silhouettes,
tormented by the wind,
scratch and claw against angry, slate grey skies

Badgers live here
tunnelling deep into the earthy bank.
There are at least five visible entrances
Some between tree roots
Some amongst the tangled brambles
All announced by a shining plateau of dark umber earth
Polished smooth by generations of nocturnal comings and goings.

But there's more

For here
in this dell
just around the corner from plain sight

there are faeries

Saturday, 3 April 2010


My Inspiration and motivation.
This little girl, pictured here over a year ago
Makes sense of all I do.
Since meeting and getting engaged to Emily
and then being blessed with Freya
I feel creative and alive again.
Without my girls
I am nothing

Friday, 2 April 2010

This is a piece I wrote about my oldest friend, Doug Fitch.
A true creative genius and invaluable partner in crime...

It is true of many talented people I think
find his blog on my links

Shackled by self-doubt, but aching to create
He is besieged by a manic euphoric desperation.
Left raw from the endless grappling with his demons and muses
He is exquisitely, agonisingly sensitive
And every subtle nuance of atmosphere
Becomes a dazzling kaleidoscope of intense hues.
Be gentle with him
Forgive him
He is an artist
And by his hand
even the most mean-spirited among us
can be bewitched and enriched
And through his eyes
we can glimpse eternity.

Andrew Grundon


This boy will be my first puppet, if I can find the time

Thursday, 1 April 2010

When I abandon the pursuit of excellence
In favour of quick riches
I become neither rich
nor excellent

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Some ideas
for puppet heads
sometime in the future